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Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West

Pat Buchanan’s latest book, The Death of the West, looks to be an important wake-up call about the dangers that immigration, multiculturalism, and the like pose to western culture and civilization. However, Buchanan has written a recent column linking libertarians with a pro-immigration stance–despite explicitly libertarian anti-immigration arguments by arch-libertarian Hans-Hermann Hoppe (longer PDF article) and other reservations about open borders by other libertarians. In response to Buchanan’s lumping of all libertarians together under the pro-immigration banner, WorldNetDaily published today a response to Buchanan from paleolibertarian Karen De Coster, plus other responses and articles on immigration. De Coster makes it clear that not all libertarians are pro-open borders, despite Pat’s incorrect assumption to the contrary.

Another Pat Response

In addition to the commentary linked in the last blog, see also Buchanan’s column accusing libertarians of being pro-immigration.

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