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Three Great Web Services

1. GoToMyPC.com: lets you access your home (or work) PC from any other PC having an internet connection; works very well, and is faster than PCAnywhere. About $20/month.

2. mail2web.com: A great (and free) way to access your email on the road. Again, all you need is Internet access, your email address, and your email password. Mail2web figures out the POP3 etc. stuff.

3. j2.com: For emailable/web-accessible faxing. You can get a free fax number on which to receive faxes (which are then instantly emailed to you as an attachement). The free service gives you an out-of-area-code fax number, but who cares? If you pay about $5/month for j2lite, you can send faxes too, from email, from the web, or from the “print” function of most applications. It’s great.

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