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More Spoonerisms

Or is that malapropisms?– the same colleague who says “goggle” instead of google, and who refers to Iraqis as “Iraqians”… and who said some document was “not very grammical”, also has recently said the following:

  • Pronouncing feng-shui “foozway”;
  • Repeatedly saying “he” and “him” without specifying who he is referring to;
  • “neighborship”: As in, two neighbors who have a good relationship, they want to be polite to each other, so as not to damage their neighborship;
  • “another scratch on his back is that he does not get paid until his company gets paid” … I don’t even know what that one means;
  • “suburbianites” and “urbianites” — people who live in the suburbs, or city
  • “he kept the numbers until he got them the way he wanted them”–ummmm… massaging?
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