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Happ Review of Rubins-Kinsella International Law Book

Re my book International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution: A Practitioner’s Guide published last year–I just received the first book review–done by Dr. Richard Happ (other reviews). Excerpt:

a classical treatise. … It is noteworthy and commendable that–unlike so many other contemporary writers–the authors try to give a neutral and unbiased overview over diverging awards and disputed issues. … It is a timely book. In their introduction, the authors state: ‘we hope to provide the non-specialist lawyer, business person, or government official with the tools necessary to understand the international law of investment and its relationship to political risk’. They have managed to do so, and done even more. First, they successfully combined what would be three separate books (on structuring of investment, international law on investment protection and dispute settlement) in their own right. Second, they provide a coherent and–despite the necessary brevity–in-depth discussion of all relevant issues. Even minor points such as pre-dispute settlement negotiations, or the problem of pre-investment expenditures as investments, are dealt with comprehensively…. In doing so, the authors never become lost in academic debate, but always keep the perspective of the practitioner. These features make the book not only an excellent introduction and comprehensive overview about the state of the law of investment protection, but also a valuable reference tool for anyone experienced in the field. It is to be recommended to anyone who wishes to gain an insight into the topics under discussion or only needs a reference guide to current law and practice. The quality of the analysis ensures that the book will not lose its value even if the law continues to develop. For both academics and practitioners active in investment arbitration, it must be considered indispensable. …. These books [IIPR plus a casebook on foreign investment disputes] are like sea chart maps which allow the reader to navigate on the vast sea of information constituted by papers, awards and court cases during the last 100 years. Even the experienced sailor will and should not leave harbour without such sea charts.

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