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Sanford Better than Palin?

Cato’s David Boaz, last August, in comparing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (now embroiled in sex scandal) to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, noted that while Palin had more buzz, Sanford had far more Serious Experience. “Like Palin, Sanford is a social and economic conservative. … He has four children and a modern political wife who worked on Wall Street for six years and has managed his campaigns.”

Palin’s only advantage over Sanford for the McCain campaign?–“she’s a woman.”

Boaz concludes:

Mark Sanford would have been an experienced executive who has already dealt with national and international issues and a great next leader of the Republican party. Sarah Palin? We’ll see.

Boaz is probably right that Sanford would have been the better choice–it would be great for him to be VP right now.

[Hat tip Skip Oliva]

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