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Centocor v. Abbott: Biggest Patent Verdict Ever.

From a post by Joe Mullin: Centocor v. Abbott: Biggest Patent Verdict Ever.:

This afternoon, a jury in Marshall, Texas, awarded the largest patent verdict in history: Abbott Laboratories must pay $1.67 billion to Centocor, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, because its Humira arthritis treatment infringes U.S. Patent No. 7,070,775. … The jury deliberated for five hours before issuing the verdict, which specifies $1.17 billion for lost profits and $504 million as a reasonable royalty.

As I noted here, referring to a $1.92 million verdict against Jammie Thomas for “illegally” sharing 24 songs, “The pro-IP libertarians ought to hang their heads in shame. If they support this result, it’s unthinkably evil. If they oppose it–well, they really can’t, can they, since this is the result of having a state-run IP system–of having a state at all.”

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