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Nonexistent Feud Stillborn

Libertarian sad-sack and drama queen Todd Andrew Barnett has started a libertarian google group and claims there I have a “feud” with him:

Invite people to this group who is pro-Liberty and principled as we are. (Except for Stephan Kinsella, Michael Barnett, and those guys from the LibertarianForum group here on Google Groups; there’s a feud going on between me and them. Considering I wasn’t going to drag them into this, I’ll just leave it at that, but if you want, I’ll tell you what happened off the list.)

I’m sorry to take the wind out of La Barnett’s sails, but there is no feud between me and him. Todd published a confidence of another member of our private email group, and then he quit when this upset all (and I mean all) the members. Now he has started his own group. In any event, to avoid all doubt, I hereby declare any possible feud to be Officially Over. Todd is a good guy, a smart guy, and a fellow libertarian. He simply acted like a jerk by revealing a confidence; he even admitted this when he apologized on air for it. But hey, we all make mistakes. He’s still a fellow libertarian activist and I wish him and his new group well.

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