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Data Mapping Difficulties

outlook sync map1Technology drives me nuts. I have gone 100% Mac at home, and love my iPhone, but I still have a PC at work. So the Outlook calendar needs to be on my iPhone and also preferably on my Macs (an Air and an iMac). Until recently what I did was use google’s sync program to sync Outlook with google calendar; and I synced iCal on my two Macs with google calendar too. And the iPhone uses exchange to get to my Outlook calendar.

One problem with this is that google calendar is limited in some of the recurring events functionality; so I need to create it in Outlook or iCal.  Anyway now I have Snow Leopard and got Exchange working with that–see red lines. So now in iCal I see the same event twice: once locally, and once in the exchange account. That’s fine because I can not show one of them. If I cut the google sync between Outlook and Calendar, then my local calendar evens on iCal will not sync any more to Outlook, and thus won’t show up on my iPhone. So I have to keep using google sync between Outlook and Google Calendar anyway … rendering Snow Leopard exchange (for calendar) superfluous. I have thought about using Mobile Me (green) to sync all this together too. It’s just a mess. Auuggh.

For now I think I’ll skip Mobile Me, and use Snow Leopard’s exchange only for local address book and mail syncing, but not for calendar, since that’s handled already with the above approach.

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  • twv September 3, 2009, 2:14 pm

    I like MobileMe, but I don’t have the complexity you have. No iPhone. No PCs. Just a Mac or two at work and a Mac at home.

  • Misty Khan September 3, 2009, 3:58 pm

    I have a distribution list with all of my email addresses that sync with calendars on it in each of my email profiles. Whenever I create an appointment (no matter which application), I send a meeting request to the distribution list). That’s how I stay synced.

  • KDC September 4, 2009, 12:24 pm

    WAY too much trouble. Aren’t you turning a molehill into a mountain?

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