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Interesting and Esoteric Words of the Slate Podcast Literati: Jan. 13, 2010

Latest notable terms from this week’s Slate Culture Gabfest and Slate Political Gabfest (feel free to email me suggestions or leave them in the comments to the main page). Funny note: the Jan. 13 Culture Gabfest is a fantastic episode, discussing Eric Rohmer’s films, Conan v. Leno, the Simpsons, etc., though I dislike Conan O’Brien and am meh on the Simpsons. Dana Stevens, talking about a man with synesthesia, refers to him as a “synesthete”. Metcalf loves the word and Dana assumes she coined it (but she didn’t). Metcalf then says (around 20:40) “Here comes the gray-scale croissant,” refering to this very blogpost series, and the ladies burst into laughter. Heh. Gave me a good chuckle driving in to work.

  • haute bourgeois [Jodi Rosen, CG01-13-10]
  • oeuvre [Jodi Rosen, CG01-13-10]
  • synecdotal (SM, CG01-13-10)
  • synesthete (DS, CG01-13-10)
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