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Walter Block: Hilarious TV Appearance

Recently Walter Block was on a TV show run by black power advocates. He thought they were going to discuss the Katrina hurricane disaster in New Orleans, but the discussion ended up focusing on racism and a variety of other issues. Video; audio only.

It is one of the most surreal and fascinating viewing experiences I’ve had in a long time. I literally spit my bourbon out on my laptop 3 times. Such as when Walter had to answer the question about the turbo-diesel Chrysler; or the be-doo-ragged guy who insisted North Korea was doing better than South Korea–you can’t be sure whether the guy is just confused, or whether that is actually his view. Walter is so into ideas, and so sincere, he’s actually having a serious intellectual conversation with these guys–and it’s kind of interesting, as much as they fumble around and are uninformed by the kind of academic and economic and political theories Block just unabashedly hurls at them, they are somewhat sincere and earnest, and for the most part really listening to him, unlike most “normal” “mainstream” audiences or hosts. What a great video! Just fast forward past the first 15 minutes or so until Block starts talking.

These and other Block TV and radio appearances and debates can be found here. In addition to the one linked above, Block also highly recommends the one on WalMart and also his debate with Richard Epstein.

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