Caplan on the American Revolution

by Stephan Kinsella on April 28, 2010

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From his post Against Libertarian Nostalgia (linked in Preference Falsification: A Case Study):

I’m sure that David [Boaz] would be happy to add genocide against American Indians to the list of historical crimes that libertarians ought never forget.  But I wonder whether he’d join me in condemning the American Revolution itself as yet another unjust war that yielded nationalist – not libertarian – fruit.

Caplan is right, as I noted in various posts linked in Boaz on Hornberger and Slavery, such as Rockwell on Hoppe on the Constitution as Expansion of Government Power, The Declaration and Conscription, Revising the American Revolution, The Murdering, Thieving, Enslaving, Unlibertarian Continental Army, Happy We-Should-Restore-The-Monarchy-And-Rejoin-Britain Day!, Jeff Hummel’s “The Constitution as a Counter-Revolution”.


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