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Mises Institute ePub Books on the iPad

Jeff, re your post LvMI Kindle editions, as I noted there, the Kindle app does not, as far as I know, natively support ePub files. However, the new iBooks format on iPad does. All you do is click on the ePub link for a given book (several are listed here)–or download the ePub file and then open it with iTunes, and iTunes automatically copies it into the Book section of your iTunes Library. Then you can sync you iPad and get whichever books you want. (I suspect iBooks is coming soon to the iPhone and iPod Touch, so you’ll be able to do it then very easily. Yes yes, I know some people use Stanza, Calibre, Bookworm, and all that jazz but it’s very buggy and complicated–italics don’t always carry over, Calibre is difficult to use, etc. ITunes makes it easy.)

I did this with 10 ePub books on Mises.org in about 30 seconds. Then I synced my iPad and got them all. They look great–full color covers, etc. I captured on the iPad the iBooks library’s bookshelf, and a few shots from Guido Hulsmann’s Mises biography in both portrait and landscape mode, some in the middle of page-turns. Enjoy! (My review of the iPad on LRC is here: Thoughts on iPad from a Slightly Disappointed Fanboi.)

iBooks on iPad with Mises Institute ePub books

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