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Libertarian Controversies, my new Mises Academy course

Libertarian ControversiesMy Mises Daily article “Libertarian Controversies” ran today, discussing my upcoming Mises Academy course, Libertarian Controversies.

I gave a  speech last May, “Correcting some Common Libertarian Misconceptions” at the 2011 Annual Meeting, Property and Freedom Society (May 27-29, 2011), which is sort of a teaser for what I intend to discuss in the upcoming course. The video is here, and streamed below. It engendered a good deal of discussion and interest, and I could only touch on the topics I had assembled, so I thought a 5 week course would be ideal to discuss it all in depth.

pfs-2011 Stephan Kinsella, Correcting Some Common Libertarian Misconceptions from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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