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Hoppe’s Argumentation Ethics and Kinsella’s Estoppel Discussed in Hebrew

Guy Kedem sent me a link to his article Dialogical Libertarianism: Ultimate Foundation of Ethics, which is a Hebrew-language discussion of Hoppe’s argumentation ethics and my estoppel theory of libertarian rights.

For more on argumentation ethics, see my “Argumentation Ethics and Liberty: A Concise Guide,” Mises Daily (May 27, 2011) (includes “Discourse Ethics and Liberty: A Skeletal Ebook”). For more on estoppel, see “Punishment and Proportionality: The Estoppel Approach,” Journal of Libertarian Studies 12:1 (Spring 1996): 51. Both approaches, and other, related theories, are discussed in my “New Rationalist Directions in Libertarian Rights Theory,” Journal of Libertarian Studies 12:2 (Fall 1996): 313-26.

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