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Frequently Mispronounced Fancy Words

Along the lines of my Favorite Pretentious Terms of the Slate Podcast Literati, a related list: words most people don’t know; that a few learn, but only learn it through reading books, so they don’t know how to pronounce it. List to be updated from time to time.

[See also my list of Annoying & Pretentious Terms; and Interesting and Notable Words and Phrases of the Slate Podcast Literati]

  • Ayn (they say “Ann”)
  • detritus (often mispronounced as DEH-tri-tuss)
  • imprimatur
  • Mises (all over the map–MY-zeez, MEE-zeez)
  • premises (one philosopher I know called it “preh-MY-sess”)
  • short-lived (rhymes with dived, not lived)
  • stare decisis (all over the map)
  • Stephan (they say “Steven”)
  • voir dire (all over the map)
  • welsch (“welch”)

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