KOL008 | “Against Intellectual Property” (audiobook)

by Stephan Kinsella on January 27, 2013

in Intellectual Property

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 008.

This is an audiobook version of my Against Intellectual Property (1 hr 54 min.); .mp3 format or .m4b iTunes book format (each about 57M); also available in a Mises.org version and on iTunes U. Narrated by Jock Coats.


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Scott R March 24, 2013 at 7:32 am

Very happy to see that you’ve offered this up for free. I was thinking just yesterday (after reading some of the older back-and-forth with Wenzel) that I wanted to use up one of my credits on Audbile to get it (if it was available there). But now I can have it for free!

One possible non-issue: I downloaded each chapter through the iTunes U app, but there is a final chapter (after the Appendix) with the name “Against Intellectual Property” which won’t download or play (streaming). I suspect its not a real chapter anyway, seeing as it appears *after* the Conclusion and Appendix, but I figured I’d bring it to your attention.


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