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Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 251.

This is my appearance on Creative Juice, by Indepreneur, Episode66: EP66: The Shocking Case For Abolishing Copyright Laws w/ Patent Attorney Stephan Kinsella, Sep 28, 2018, with host Kyle Lemaire. We talked about a variety of matters, from the nature of property rights, Rothbard’s view that all human rights are property rights, Locke’s labor theory of property and the Marxian labor theory of value, the history and general nature of IP rights and why IP rights are incompatible with other property rights. This was a very fast-talking, dense episode with a lot of lecturing and talking from my end, but I think we covered a lot of ground, from the foundations of law and property rights to IP law.

Their shownotes:

Since its beginning, the music industry has been under heavy government regulation: copyright laws control much of the economy of the music business. Today, there are many voices on the frontline arguing for the abolishment of all intellectual property, including copyright laws…

Stephan Kinsella is a Patent Attorney and advocate for IP Abolishment. On this episode of Creative Juice, Circa sits down with Stephan to discuss the little-known argument against intellectual property and how it may actually be harming independent artists and creatives.

“This is one of my favorite episodes of Creative Juice to date – I highly advise that you learn about this topic and take part in the discussion surrounding these laws. I believe this is one of the most important things to examine in our industry!” – Kyle “Circa” Lemaire

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KOL250 | International Law Through a Libertarian Lens (PFS 2018)


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 250.

This is the audio of my presentation to the 2018 PFS meeting on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. Powerpoint slides embedded below. Youtube embedded below.

Related material: see material linked in the above slides, including:



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Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 249.

My appearance on Max Hillebrand’s World Crypto Network show yesterday.

Other notes:


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 248.

TEMP: http://traffic.libsyn.com/livera/SLP15_-_Stephan_Kinsella.mp3

From my recent appearance on Stephan Livera’s bitcoin-focused podcast.

SLP15 – Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, and Internet Censorship, with Stephan Kinsella

Stephan Kinsella, Intellectual Property lawyer, and libertarian advocate joins me in this episode to discuss:
  • His story with bitcoin
  • Money as Sui Generis Good
  • The imprecise application of Lockean property theory
  • Why you can’t own bitcoin, but it probably doesn’t make a big difference anyway
  • The harmful effects of patents and copyright
  • ‘Internet Censorship’ as it relates to property rights and ownership of private social media platforms

Stephan Kinsella links:

Podcast links:

I really enjoyed this conversation with Stephan Kinsella, and I hope you enjoy listening to it. If you get value out of this episode, please remember to share it on your social media as that really helps expand my reach. Thanks guys.


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 247.

On a recent episode [July 29, 2018] of Free Talk Live, Ian and Mark discuss their disagreement over Mark’s filing a DMCA (copyright) takedown of a critical YouTube video. I called in to discuss this issue and intellectual property with Mark for the July 31 episode. For the full episode, go here. The excerpt with my portion is included here.

I’ve discussed IP and other libertarian issues on FTL before:

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Kinsella’s Sixth Epiphany: Means and Knowledge

I’m here in Positano, at the beautiful Villa TreVille, on the last leg of the longest vacation of my life so far (July 1-20: Venice, Capri, Positano, Berlin). And this morning, here in Positano, walking down the steps from our room to the terrace to lounge, I had my sixth epiphany. Or so.

First, there were two fairly minor and personal ephanies.

1. Hell/Jesus/Religion: First: at age 15 or so when riding the Gravely tractor/lawnmower, mowing our 3-4 acre tract. As a pretty devout Catholic schoolboy and former altar boy, I was thinking hard about religion and the world around this time. It had already occurred to me that if God condemns you to eternal damnation as punishment for some sins committed while mortal, this can’t be just. An infinite punishment is disproportionate for a finite amount of crime. So, I reasoned, there cannot be hell. Therefore not evertyhing the Catholics teach is right. So what else might be false? Then I dared to question the idea of Jesus, and of God, and it all crumbled. My epiphany was in the realization that I could dare not only to question Hell but the whole Catholic story about Jesus. [continue reading…]


A Way to Be Free: The Autobiography of Robert LeFevre

Libertarian Robert LeFevre published his two-volume autobiography, with publisher Pulpless.com, in 1999. It’s still available in print on Amazon:

PDF links for each volume are now available here: Vol. 1 [PDF]; Vol. 2 [PDF], posted here with the permission of the publisher.

I also discuss LeFevre here: Classical Liberals and Anarchists on Intellectual Property: observing: “Robert LeFevre (1911–86): expresses very good, early skepticism of the notion of IP or ownership of ideas (see LeFevre on Intellectual Property and the “Ownership of Intangibles”).”

Also see LeFevre’s The Fundamentals of Liberty, also available for download in many file formats here. His book The Philosophy of Ownership is also available online.


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 246.

This is my appearance on the CryptoVoices podcast, Episode 43, interviewed by host Matthew Mežinskis. As indicated in the show notes (below), we discussed a variety of issues related to bitcoin, property rights, and related matters. The hosts also informed me of a recent article they had written regarding the economic classification of crypto tokens: An Economic Definition of Cryptotokens.


Show support appreciated: 35iDYDYqRdN2x6KGcpdV2W1Hy3AjGje9oL

Matthew interviews Stephan Kinsella, longtime advocate of private property and personal liberty, and expert on intellectual property law.

We discuss broad-ranging issues on Bitcoin and private property. Is Bitcoin really property per se, and does anyone truly own bitcoin(s)?
Also, how does the nature of intellectual property (or lack thereof) play into the open-source aspects of Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a digital good? Stephan shares his knowledge on the history of intellectual thought, personal liberty, and intellectual property to answer some of these questions. We discuss some current topics about the brand of Bitcoin (versus Bitcoin Cash), and if blockchain could(?) ever resolve some of the faults and friction in IP that Stephan has studied for years. Stephan is a well-read intellectual and Bitcoiners would do well to read more of his writings.

Further references:


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