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The Bleaters

What’s worse–a hypocrite or a bigot? Answer: someone who’s both (2). And speaking of obsessed losers, from my post at Not Reason:

Tom Palmer and his fellow Seriosos have made themselves laughingstocks and their silly little foot-stamping petulant cries of “bigotry” into ignored yelpings. Just as blacks have taken on the N-word and use it familiarly among themselves–in part a backlash from it being used as a pejorative against them; so we “bigots” (and that means everyone alive–we are all bigots according to the Princess and the Pea standards employed by our ridiculous, self-enthroned Grand Inquisitors) are doing to treat the word as the joke it has become. Ya dig, mah bigot?

This inspires a new term to use for these yelping, petulant idiots: bleaters. Daddy like!

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