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Spider-Man, Criminal — or, the real death of Spider-Man

Congrats, Marvel. You’ve turned Spider-Man into a drooling statist product of goverment education. See the nauseating Early Look: Spider-Man Meets Obama; Comic stores donating Spider-Man/Obama profits to charity; Zeb Wells – Writing the Spider-Man/Obama Meeting; Advance Peek at Spiderman/Obama Comic; Spider-Man, Obama team-up comic sells out. The vapid writer intones, “‘I have a lot of respect for President Obama and how he ran his campaign,’ the writer said. ‘I like how he never shied away from who he was, and always answered tough questions about mistakes in his past with candor. He didn’t try to be everything to everyone, and that takes a lot of character … more character than I have. I like being able to say that about my President.'”

The comic strip nauseatingly shows Spider-Man doing a “fist-dap” with Obama, each telling the other, “Thanks … partner…” And in one of the panels, as Spider-Man observes the inaugural festivities, he thinks to himself, “It looks like Washington is in capable hands.”

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