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Comment on Tyler Cowen’s “Kindle and DRM and Netflix too”

My comment on Marginal Revolution:

“I am pro-copyright, but once again the default settings make it too hard for successful negotiations to occur.”

Advocates of the abomination that is copyright should not be surprised at this. Maybe it is cause to re-think one’s support of artificial, special-interest legislation created out of nothing by a department of a criminal state. As I noted here, referring to a $1.92 million verdict against Jammie Thomas for “illegally” sharing 24 songs, “The pro-IP libertarians ought to hang their heads in shame. If they support this result, it’s unthinkably evil. If they oppose it–well, they really can’t, can they, since this is the result of having a state-run IP system–of having a state at all. Every IP advocate is a minarchist; you cannot have IP without state legislation. But once you have a state and empower it to “make” law artificially, you can’t complain about the law it does make–especially if it is IP law and you support IP. As Mises said, “No socialist author ever gave a thought to the possibility that the abstract entity which he wants to vest with unlimited power—whether it is called humanity, society, nation, state, or government—could act in a way of which he himself disapproves.”

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