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“The Logic of Law,” by Frank van Dun–Libertarian Papers, vol. 1 (2009), art. no. 36

Art. No. 36. “The Logic of Law”, by Frank van Dun

Abstract: The general concept of law as an order of persons and the means (and actions) that belong to them is formalized in an axiomatic system. At this stage, no distinction is made between natural and artificial (“legal”) persons. The aim is to explicate the common logical core of most material theories of law in the Western tradition, without going into their semantic and pragmatic aspects. Then the concept of natural law, as an order of natural persons, is given a similar treatment, so that it becomes possible to investigate the status of natural persons in various theories of law that answer to the general concept of law analysed previously. Finally, the concept of human law is introduced to investigate the status in law of human persons.

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  • Lucy November 26, 2015, 1:49 am

    Ok ok, yes, I was at the meeting. No srsacam, satire, or parody from conservatives until 2010. As I recall, the libertarian license to satirize has been revoked until 2050 because of the republication of Atlas Shrugged.Anyway, thanks for the compliment, ti-guy. Some of us are trying to improve things.Best,Terrence

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