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Intellectual Property and Libertarianism (Video)

As previously noted here, I presented a speech in July at Mises University 2009 on “Intellectual Property and Libertarianism.” The audio is available here and the video was just made available. It’s below. As previously noted, this presentation was different than others I’ve done in the past on IP, partly because, as it for students, I tried to start from the ground up, and also to integrate the proper approach to IP with the essential principles of libertarian political philosophy. Thus part of the talk summarized my view of what libertarianism is, and then applied it to IP; this summary view of the libertarian framework was distilled from a more elaborated version, contained my chapter What Libertarianism Is, which appeared in the Hoppe Festschrift, Property, Freedom and Society. An article based on my speech is forthcoming in Liberty magazine.

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