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The Libertarian Hajj

I like this post:

The Property and Freedom Society

And so the journey will shortly begin to the Hotel Karia Princess, to attend the annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society.

This leaves me with a seventh pilgrimage to Auburn to get the full set of:

=> Ayn Rand’s apartment where she wrote Atlas Shrugged
=> Murray Rothbard’s New York apartment
=> The site of Ludwig von Mises’ Vienna home
=> The quadrangle at Vienna University
=> Ludwig von Mises’ New York apartment
=> The annual Property and Freedom Society conference

And don’t give me that ‘You’re simply using Austrianism to fulfil an otherwise empty quasi-religious void in your futile and meaningless life’ stuff. I am well aware of the possibility. But still, there are worse hobbies to have.

Wish me luck.

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