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IP Debate?

As I noted here, I and others have been arguing the merits of IP law with patent attorney Gene Quinn on his blog at Reality Check: Anti-Patent Patent Musings Simply Bizarre and Responding to Critics: My View on Patents & Innovation. He’s laid down a challenge to debate about IP:

I challenge anyone to a debate on this topic anywhere, at any time, to be moderated by a mutually agreed panel or moderator. I know as well as everyone here that I will never be taken up on that offer. I wonder why? If I am so stupid and irresponsible and ignorant then someone take me up and prove to the world I am as such. Of course there will be no takers because in a true debate none of the nay-sayers stand any chance and would be exposed for what they truly are. Nevertheless, the challenge is made. I am sure the silence will be deafening. Or wait, even better… the response will be “there is no point in debating you because you are .” We all know that is what they are going to say, and rational people will understand that to be nothing more than cowardice.

I would be happy to debate Mr. Quinn. What I’m thinking is that we could do an Internet debate, under the auspices of a suitable institution, with a moderator, with audio and video, open to a live, world-wide audience. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, let me know.

[Mises post; AM post]

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