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How Texas Secession Could Save The World

I was talking with a libertarian friend the other night. He was talking about that New Hampsire Free State Project. I think that will never work because not enough people who matter would move there–mostly people with little to lose.

But remember a year or so ago Texan Governor Rick Perry actually mentioned the possibilty of Texas seceding? Look, these politicians want to get votes. If there is a tipping point reached or sensed… imagine a candidate senses voter frustration in Texas with growing unemployment,  taxes, etc.–to win as governor some candidate might try to capitalize on this. Imagine running on this campaign:

Elect me, and I will push for ELIMINATING your income taxes, and eliminating unemployment, making you richer, freer, more prosperous, and doubling or tripling your house value while cutting your property tax in half.

And this is not just an empty promise: it’s actually doable. Here’s the plan.

  1. We request independence, or some quasi-indendent status. We would have to make a deal with the US.
  2. Income tax GONE.
  3. We set up a huge free trade zone. Anyone can move here who has a job or means. We would have a huge influx of talented people the world over.
  4. We phase out all public schools in 5 years, and then we cut property tax in half, since most of it is for that. Everyone will be so much richer they can afford their own schools and medical care (the best doctors will move here too)
  5. No deficits or debt–gone.
  6. We might have to agree to make some “exit payment” to the federal government in the multi-billions. And there may be resistance to #4. So, as a concession, a temporary measure, we do this:
    1. For a period of 10 years, we charge anyone who wants to move here a one-time entrance fee–say, $10k each (similar to this idea, which provoked a firestorm)–
    2. We use this money to pay off the feds, and maybe–
    3. To give educational vouchers to existing residents for 5 years.

Once it did, this example would sweep the world.

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  • Renegade Division December 1, 2009, 5:49 pm

    I think that will never work because not enough people who matter would move there–mostly people with little to lose.

    Oh boy, Ian Freeman will rip you apart for saying that on his show ‘Free Talk Live’.

    But anyways I agree with what you have to say about Free State Project.
    I call it the Linux Paradox. The reason why a free software which will benefit everyone is not mainstream choice because not enough people have adopted it. Most people will adopt it when enough people have adopted it. Those who HAVE adopted it are computer nerds(until mainstream average non-nerds don’t adopt it there will not be any acceptance of Linux).

    • Gabe December 1, 2009, 8:24 pm

      This is called critical mass – it’s the same concept in nuclear warheads and mix-used urban development centers: no one wants to move to an mix-used urban “village” unless it’s a happening, hip, active place with people walking around and lots of stores within walking distance. The stores won’t come unless there are people. The people won’t come unless there are stores and other people. You have to get enough people to move in on the promise of future benefits. If anything, it’s a marketing problem.

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