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IPWatchDog Patent Lawyer Sued by Invention Submission Corporation

Patent lawyer Gene Quinn has been sued

by Invention Submission Corporation (dba Invent Help) in the United States Federal District Court for the Northern District of New York.  The complaint … alleges that I have engaged in false and misleading advertising that has cost Invent Help business.  They apparently do not like the fact that I have written about invention submission scams and have recounted the many stories that I have heard from inventors who feel they have been taken advantage of by Invent Help.

Quinn is a notorious (but inarticulate and inept) defender of the patent system; see Gene Quinn: Patent Twit of the Week; Koepsell – Quinn “Debate” on Gene Patents; Gene Quinn the Patent Watchdog; Patent Lawyers Who Don’t Toe the Line Should Be Punished!. Still, it’s sad to see him victimized by someone using an unjust law–these laws are basically types of IP laws, in that they are in effect based on rights in reputations. Reputation rights are not usually classified as IP rights, but they are similarly unjust, and similarly based on the idea that if you “create” “something” “of value,” then you should own it–patents cover created inventions, copyright covers created works of art, and a variety of laws (trademark, defamation, misleading advertising) protect rights in one’s reputation, which one is said to have “created” as well. Quinn favors people having the right to use the state courts to sue and damage people based on artificial intellectual “rights.” And that’s what’s being done to him now.

[Mises; AM]

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  • Inventor February 2, 2011, 10:56 pm

    I also want to sue them, and i am from canada help me out here please.

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