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Libertarianism Arrives in July!

Libertarianism Today, by legal scholar J.H. Huebert, will be published in July by Praeger. I’ve seen draft copies of the manuscript, and believe me, this will be a terrific book. It’s the only concise guide to modern libertarianism that is soundly grounded in Austrian economic, anti-state, anti-war, and decentralist principles. The $44.95 price may be a bit steep, but Huebert says it will also be available in an affordable Kindle edition and a free audio edition.

[Update: see my review: The Best Introduction to Libertarianism Ever]

From the publisher’s description:

As government grows by leaps and bounds, libertarianism is receiving more attention than ever. Written from a contemporary perspective by an attorney and law professor who is also an award-winning journalist, Libertarianism Today provides an engaging introduction to the movement’s ideas and people, serving as a jumping-off point for readers who want to know more.

Beginning with the general libertarian principle that one person cannot initiate force against another, even if that person is part of the government, the book examines the implications of this principle for a wide range of contemporary issues: war, health care, personal liberties, economic policy, monetary policy, and intellectual property rights. It introduces the people behind the libertarian movement and explores the strategies—including education, activism, and litigation—libertarians are pursuing to advance their ideas. By laying out the current state of the movement, author J. H. Huebert shows how, even as it gets more mainstream-media exposure than ever, today’s libertarian movement has only become more radically opposed to the Washington DC status quo.


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