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Ted Kennedy Destroys Healthcare…

Conservative Erick Erickson argues that, ironically, it’s Ted Kennedy’s fault that Obamacare may be dead:

Erick Erickson, the founder of the influential conservative blog RedState, is tying Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election directly to the late Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy, who held the seat.

Soon after Brown’s upset win over Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley, Erickson said on CNN that if Kennedy, who had battled brain cancer, had not wanted to be a “martyr,” Democrats could have kept his seat.

“If Ted Kennedy had decided to resign, or retire, when he found out just how bad his health was, instead of wanting to be a martyr for the cause, the Democrats wouldn’t be in this position,” Erickson said.

HT Pat Tinsley, who writes,

I love it — Kennedy may have sabotaged his own beloved healthcare reform”!

Another irony in the Brown election is that a special election had to be held in the first place. The Democrats changed the state rule to prevent a sitting Governor from appointing the replacement to fill out the remaining term of a senator who left the Senate. Instead a Special election would be held. The change was made to prevent the then Republican Governor from filling Kerry’s seat when he left to assume the Presidency. Of course Kerry lost to Bush but the rule was never changed back and so they all had to live with the special election instead of having Deval Patrick be able to appoint a permanent replacement instead of the temporary Paul Kirk.


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