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Franklin G Mixon Jr. and Kamal P Upadhyaya’s article “Blogometrics,” in the Eastern Economic Journal, “gathers information on a wide array of economics bloggers and blogs in order to develop a ranking of economics bloggers that is based on citations to their academic research.” Table 1 list “Top economics bloggers by scholarly impact.” It’s an interesting list, with Becker, Posner, etc. at the top. It has a disproportionate number of Austrians, including Lawrence White (#21), Peter Klein (#28), Pete Boettke (#30), Chris Coyne (#48), Richard Ebeling (#50), Tom Woods (#58), Steve Horwitz (#83), and Dan D’Amico (#85), as well as other Austrians and fellow travelers. Alas, the list is obviously flawed, as they put me at #53, though I’m not an economic blogger. And Bob Murphy is none too pleased about this revolting development! 🙂


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