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Recent Family Pix: Parents’ 50th Anniversary and Rosemary Beach

My brother and I hosted a very nice dinner party for my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary in February; my wife and I assembled some of the pictures into a nice photobook using iPhoto. It’s here (35MB). Apple’s iPhoto photobooks sure come out nice–amazing. They look professional.

The photographer was John Lewis, who was excellent and reasonable in his charges–and he gave us the full digital files, which we insisted on ahead of time (other photographers balked). Below is the video I prepared using Animoto and played at the party for them and their guests–which included 3 couples who have been friends of our parents for decades who showed up as surprise guests.

During our recent Spring Break trip to Rosemary Beach with another family, the Khans, we had photos taken by a photographer we used last year–Steve Wells, who is also excellent, reasonably priced, and was willing to provide the digital files. Again, we made a photobook using iPhoto, which is here (18MB).

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  • Tibor Machan March 29, 2010, 4:56 pm

    Very photogenic bunch, I must say. It pleases me to learn of yet another admirable freedom fighter that he has a rewarding family life. Where else will peace of mind come from these days?

  • Mark Fee March 29, 2010, 5:35 pm

    How sane and civilizing! It did my spirit good to look upon all the happy faces!

    I would like to extend my congratulations in a profound way.

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