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2001 Called, they want their MP3 Distribution model back: Acton MP3 Files–for sale!

The Acton Institute is now offering Digital Downloads of the MP3 files of its Acton University Lectures–for only a couple bucks each! Wow!<sarcasm off>

Contrast this to things like podcasting; iTunes U; and the Mises Institute’s wildly popular and successful 21st Century open-information approach (Doug French, “The Intellectual Revolution Is in Process“; Jeff Tucker, “A Theory of Open” and “up with iTunes U“; Gary North, “A Free Week-Long Economics Seminar”). Also: M.I.T. Calls Academia’s Bluff‘; MIT on iTunes U; Gary North, How Lew Rockwell Copied Leonard E. Read and Took Over the Libertarian Movement; Jeff Tucker, Dissident Publishing: Then and Now.

Update: as a friend wrote, “They won’t even make $100 on this. And these are the people who are always going on about the poor.”

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