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The Incredible Abundance of the Market

The Incredible Abundance of the Market

Posted by Stephan Kinsella on October 19, 2004 09:15 AM

Last night, sitting on my mosquito-free back porch, having a bourbon and a cigar, listening to Rush, with my poodle at my feet, as my baby slept peacefully upstairs, phoning a few libertarian pals, late into the night as is my occasional wont, I mentioned to one of them, Tim Swanson, one of my favorite memories, namely the delightful appetizer commonly served on the Isle of Capri, Italy, for example on the terrace of one’s hotel before venturing out for a proper meal, that being a small tray of nuts, fresh green olives, and potato chips, served with a selected beverage, such as a gin and tonic.

And as I mentioned this to him I began to crave that. And a small hope began to grow… I checked my pantry and fridge and found: a can of delicious macadamias from Hawaii; a bag of nice Boulder potato chips from Colorado; a jar of stuffed Spanish queen olives; and to top it off, some nice Edam cheese from Holland. The world’s bountiful cornucopia at the fingertips of the modern American!Aside: I recall with amusement that I asked the waiter to make me a dirty martini. He was confused so I told him to mix in some olive juice from the jar… whereupon he explained they only have fresh olives, not jarred olives. So they have no brine-olive juice with which to make a dirty martini! Small price to pay for those fresh olives.

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