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Education Today and Tomorrow: Interview about Montessori with AMI President

André Roberfroid, President of Association Montessori Internationale

André Roberfroid, President of Association Montessori Internationale

I’ve discussed my thoughts on the Montessori educational method previously (see my article Montessori, Peace, and Libertarianism; also my posts Montessori and “Unschooling”; Bullying and Libertarianism; Libertarian Parenting–A Freedomain Radio Conversation). Last week the excellent KERA radio program “Think” had a great interview with André Roberfroid, President of Association Montessori Internationale, about the Montessori method: “Education Today and Tomorrow.” He does a good job of explaining the beauty and benefits of the Montessori approach (though he does have some confused notions about expanding the public school sector; these confused political views, it seems to me, are orthogonal to his educational ideas, and can be ignored). The interview is here; and the podcast can be found on iTunes here.


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