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My proto-Hoppean libertarianism at 10 years of age

This weekend I came across an old journal I kept as a boy, when I was 8 to 10 years old, and was reading its goofy entries to my own 8 year old, to his delight. I came across an entry from November, 1975, when I was 10, and it strikes me now that it has elements of my later libertarian views on the non-aggression principle and how aggression is simply not argumentatively justifiable:

I made up a little poem today. Would you like to hear it? I thought so, here goes:

If a person kills another person for no reason, no matter how much land he has, it’s not enough to stand on.

Well, it’s not a poem, but anyway. Since Hoppe was at this point still a lefty (if memory serves), I think I kinda beat him to Hoppeanism! (For more on my libertarian origins, see How I Became A Libertarian, December 18, 2002, LewRockwell.com, published as “Being a Libertarian” in I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians.)

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