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KOL320 | Stephan Livera Podcast # 249–Bitcoin Patents & Open Crypto Alliance


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 320.

From my recent appearance on Stephan Livera’s bitcoin-focused podcast, SLP249 BITCOIN PATENTS & OPEN CRYPTO ALLIANCE WITH STEPHAN KINSELLA AND JED GRANT (recorded Feb. 2, 2021; released Feb. 5, 2021).

From the show notes:

Stephan Kinsella and Jed Grant join me to chat about Open Crypto Alliance.

We talk:

    • Why IP laws are anti-liberty and anti-progress
    • How progress has been delayed by improper concepts of property rights
    • How Patent laws could hinder the Bitcoin industry
    • The asymmetry of attack vs defense here
    • How to stop overly broad patents
    • How to support OCA

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