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KOL435 | Austrian Libertarian Association (Spain): Intellectual Property, Libertarians in Politics and Our Differences


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 435.

I was interviewed by Daniel Morena Vitón and Luis Abram for a Spanish libertarian podcast, as he initially told me: “The interview is about some legal questions of libertarianism, for a new libertarian association in Spain founded by Jesús Huerta de Soto, the ‘Austrian Libertarian Association.'” I believe there were technical problems with the recording of the first question or two, so I was asked to repeat my answer near the end; sure how they ended stitching this together or editing this.

From their shownotes (Google autotranslate):

Stephan Kinsella will give the keys regarding various topics from intellectual issues that concern libertarianism such as intellectual property and the challenges that it entails, as well as more current topics such as libertarians in politics or the current libertarian parties that the political landscape houses.

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