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Libertarian Answer Man: Law, legal and norms texts

Someone asked Hans-Hermann Hoppe for any of his recommendations as to texts, articles, books and the like on science of law, norms, crime, legal responsibility, philosophy of law, which are linked to Austrian and praxeological thinking–writings on a philosophical legal level.

I was cc’d on this corresponded and provided the following answer.

Dr. Hoppe passed onto me your request. I am not quite sure what you are looking for but I have attached a few chapters of mine from my forthcoming book Legal Foundations of a Free Society, which may have some references you are looking for. These chapters have extensive references to works I found relevant, and my work is heavily dependent on Rothbard, Mises, and Hoppe. (I attached chapters 2, 5–7, 13, and 22. The original articles are posted on my site for now; the revised and updated chapters will be online probably around August when the book is published.)

You might also check out the bibliographies mentioned in this footnote in one of my chapters:

For discussion of other aspects of anarchist libertarian theory, see references in “Legislation and the Discovery of Law in a Free Society” (ch. 13), n.25, and others listed in Kinsella, “The Greatest Libertarian Books,” StephanKinsella.com (Aug. 7, 2006) and Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Anarcho-Capitalism: An Annotated Bibliography,” LewRockwell.com (Dec. 31, 2001).

You might also find of interest my posts Reading Suggestions for Prospective/New Law Students (Roman/Civil law focus) and Austrian Law and Economics. And check out various articles in my journal Libertarian Papers, e.g. Konrad Graf’s “Action-Based Jurisprudence: Praxeological Legal Theory in Relation to Economic Theory, Ethics, and Legal Practice.”

One other suggestion: you should identify several core works of Dr. Hoppe that relate to your inquiry—chapters of his Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, Democracy, etc., and various articles on his website—and pore through his footnotes and references, to see what he has relied on and was influenced by. This could also lead you to some other sources to look into.

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