KOL 035 | Antiwar Interview: Federalism, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Sentimentalism, IP (2010)

by Stephan Kinsella on March 21, 2013

in Intellectual Property,Kinsella on Liberty Podcast

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 035.

This is from my Antiwar Interview: Kinsella on Bill of Rights, Intellectual Property by host Scott Horton (Feb. 11, 2010). We discussed “the federal government’s appropriation of the Bill of Rights – through the 14th Amendment – to regulate state powers, the debate about whether current lawlessness can rightfully be blamed on deviation from the beneficent Constitution or if the problem lies in the deeply flawed document itself and why ideas can’t be property.”

For more on the latter, see the C4SIF Resources page.  For more on constitutional sentimentalism and related issues, see  “Thumbs Down on the Fourth of July” (and posts linked therein) and On Constitutional Sentimentalism.


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