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Papinian Press

Papinian Press logoIntroducing the Papinian Press, which will be used for several upcoming works, including:

Libertarian Legal Theory with Stephan KinsellaThis imprint is named after the Roman Jurist Papinian, a favorite of mine for both his connection to the Roman law (I studied law at Louisiana State University, a civil law state with its legal system influenced by the Roman law), his brilliance as a jurist, and his courage and adherence to justice when faced with death. I also used him in the promo material for the Mises Academy course I taught in 2011 on libertarian legal theory, KOL018 | “Libertarian Legal Theory: Property, Conflict, and Society: Lecture 1: Libertarian Basics: Rights and Law” (Mises Academy, 2011). The reason I admire him so much: “Papinian [a third-century Roman jurist, considered by many to be the greatest of Roman jurists] is said to have been put to death for refusing to compose a justification of Caracalla’s murder of his brother and co-Emperor, Geta, declaring, so the story goes, that it is easier to commit murder than to justify it.” —Barry Nicholas, An Introduction to Roman Law, p. 30 n.2 (1962).

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