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KOL076 | IP Debate with Chris LeRoux

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 076.

IP Debate with Chris (aka “Sid Non-Vicious”) LeRoux, hosted by James Cox. LeRoux claims to be an anarcho-capitalist and former Randian but not a libertarian (he doesn’t like labels, you see). He was recently arguing kinda for IP-but-not-really on Shanklin’s podcast (see below), and contacted me  about these issues. As you can see from the “debate” it’s not clear what his position is or why he even wanted to debate me, or what he really disagrees with me on, but, …. here it is. Cox did a good guy trying to moderate, but it ended up being a mess, as it always is with people that are not clear on basic libertarian concepts and not totally opposed to IP.

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  • Dan Bonin August 31, 2013, 11:01 am

    I couldn’t even finish this, and I made it through the Wenzel debate.

  • Scott R September 27, 2013, 4:07 pm

    I forced myself to listen to most of it, but finally gave up close to the end. Hard to say which debate was more painful to listen to. And why didn’t you ever define “rivalnous”?!?!

    Stephan, where did you find this guy anyway?

    Some ideas for upcoming debates:

    – Stephan vs drunk homeless guy living under a bridge
    – Stephan vs guy who claims he was once abducted by aliens
    – Stephan vs a blind parrot

  • Joe October 16, 2013, 5:18 am

    Jesus – how painful was that to listen to?

    “He didn’t answer my question”
    “OK – So what’s your question?”
    “I don’t have any questions”.


  • John Strong October 17, 2013, 8:18 pm

    I kept waiting for someone to introduce the concept of a *bundle* of property rights: freedom to use, abuse, alienate – are all different.

  • @profeluke October 31, 2013, 8:08 am

    Good to know that we have clear-thinking, articulate people like Chris LeRoux to help explain our ideas…

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