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Mises.org on iTunes U; and the genesis of Libertarian Papers

Mises.org on iTunes UThis is a wonderful article announcing the opening of the Mises Institute’s iTunes U:

The Mises Institute is pleased to announce that the multimedia content on Mises.org — many thousands of hours of audio and video — is now available through iTunes U, a dedicated area within the iTunes Store (www.itunes.com).

iTunes U carries lectures from top academic minds on every topic, freely available, elegantly organized, and beautifully presented. Users enjoy easy access to material ranging from ancient-language studies to particle physics.

This shows what can be done with the open-information vision and mentality. A few great quotes excerpted below. Not only that, the Mises Institute multimedia files on its iTunes U page include lectures criticizing intellectual property, and free-market material criticizing monopoly in general.

Also appearing on Mises Daily today is my article “Fifteen Minutes that Changed Libertarian Publishing,” about the genesis of Libertarian Papers, another open-information project of the heroic Mises Institute.

Here are some choice quotes from the iTunes U article:

“We are seeing the future of education: straight from great minds to individual users around the world.”

“With iTunes U, the entire body of scholarship accumulated in the minicivilization of Mises.org can enjoy the widest possible distribution.”

“We are on the cutting edge of user-friendly educational technology.”

“As more and more colleges experience digital media, many prestigious institutions have come to realize that universal distribution of their content is not a threat to their mission; it is the very fulfillment of the educational ideal. This is certainly the case with the Mises Institute, which is why the site has been made completely open source and completely free.”

“Over the years, hundreds of appreciative emails and blog comments from fellow Mises.org listeners have let me know that I am among a vast multitude of Austrolibertarian audiophiles.”

“Economists like Carl Menger, F.A. Hayek, and Ludwig von Mises were devoted to getting their ideas out. They accepted as many travel invitations as possible in the hope of reaching new audiences. Mises himself was particularly aware of the need to teach outside the academy. Rothbard’s own desire to reach the multitudes — by writing for every possible venue — left us with an immense literary legacy.”

“with digital media they now make the globe their lecture hall — and anyone can be their student.”

“Murray Rothbard died in 1995, just as web browsers were hitting the mainstream. He might not have imagined this possibility of global, instant distribution. But anyone who has listened to the hundreds of hours of audio on Mises.org can know for sure that Rothbard would be shouting for joy.”

“including Doug French, president of the Mises Institute, who has encouraged and supported this venture, considering it essential to the future of liberty; under his leadership, we have joined the highest ideals with the most advanced technology.”

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