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Stephan Kinsella is the King of Technology (KOT)

Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m the king:

Stephan Kinsella is the King of Technology (KOT)

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Libertarian activist and patent lawyer Stephan Kinsella and I had a bit of a gentleman’s bet. I was a skeptic in the whole Apple tablet (now known as the iPad) thing. He was not. I said if Apple actually put out a tablet for less than $1000, I’d dub him the King of Technology. Well, the day has come, and it is time for me to pay up. Today, January 27, 2010, I hereby dub Stephan Kinsella as King of Technology. Congratulations on your award. I sincerely hope you don’t choke on it.

All in good fun, of course.

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  • Paul Vahur January 28, 2010, 8:57 am

    I like bets like these, this is cool. Especially if you win.

    2 years ago I bet the gold will be $2000 or higher this coming May. Looks that I’m gonna loose this one and I have to pay for the dinner in a fancy restaurant. Damn the gold cartel!

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