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Places I’ve Lectured and Published

Nina Paley posted on Google+ recently “an incomplete list of places I’ve spoken/lectured/presented at professionally”… And it’s quite impressive! I thought I would do the same, covering forums, publications, journals, publishers, venues, etc. I have published, lectured, taught, etc. over the last 18 or so years (since 1994, roughly), dividing it into my legal and libertarian worlds, and including also journals and publishers of written works:


  • Energy Law Institute, South Texas College of Law
  • Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Judge)
  • Oil & Gas Law Institute, South Texas College of Law
  • Practising Law Institute
  • The President’s Forum of Houston, The Entrepreneurship Institute
  • South Texas College of Law, Houston (Computer Law, 1998-99)
  • American Bar Association (Marine Resources Committee, Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law)
  • The Bent of Tau Beta Pi
  • Currents, International Trade Law Journal
  • Intellectual Property Today
  • The Legal Intelligencer [Philadelphia]
  • The Licensing Journal
  • Louisiana Law Review
  • LSU Mineral Law Institute
  • New York Law School Journal of International and Comparative Law
  • Oceana Publications
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association Intellectual Property Newsletter
  • Penn. Bar Ass’n Young Lawyers’ Div’n Newsletter
  • Pennsylvania Lawyer
  • Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal
  • Philadelphia Lawyer
  • Quid Pro Books
  • Russian Oil & Gas Guide
  • Texas Oil & Gas Law Journal
  • UCC Bulletin
  • West/Thomson Reuters


  • Adam vs. The Man (television)
  • Anarchy Time with James Cox
  • Antiwar.com
  • Bill Handel Show
  • Ernest Hancock’s Declare Your Independence (radio)
  • The Federalist Society
    • Philadelphia lawyers chapter
    • Ohio student chapter
  • FreeDomain Radio
  • The Freeman Society of Valley Forge
  • FreeTalkLive (radio)
  • Gene Basler Show (radio)
  • HOBY Texas Gulf Coast 1998 Leadership Seminar, Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Twenty-Second International Conference on the Unity of Sciences, Seoul, Korea
  • The Katherine Albrecht Radio Show
  • The Lew Rockwell Show
  • Liberální institut, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Live and Let Live (radio)
  • The Medical Freedom Report Podcas
  • Ludwig von Mises Institute
    • Austrian Scholars Conference
    • Mises Academy
    • Mises University
    • Rothbard Graduate Seminar
    • Supporters’ Summit
  • New York University School of Law/Journal of Law and Liberty
  • The Peter Mac Show (radio)
  • Property and Freedom Society, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Students For Liberty Texas Regional Conference
  • Thinking Liberty (podcast)
  • This Week in Law (podcast)
  • Who Owns You? (documentary)
  • Wisconsin Forum
  • Young Americans for Liberty (podcast)
  • Anti-state.com
  • Business Ethics Quarterly
  • The Daily Reveille (LSU)
  • Economic Notes (Libertarian Alliance)
  • The Free Market
  • The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty
  • Griffith Law Review
  • Hastings Const. L. Q.
  • Insight magazine
  • LewRockwell.com
  • IOS Journal
  • Journal of Libertarian Studies
  • Libertarian Papers (editor)
  • The Libertarian Standard
  • Liberty
  • Loyola Los Angeles Law Review
  • Mises Daily
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association Intellectual Property Newsletter
  • The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
  • Reason Papers
  • Southern University Law Review
  • Springer (chapter)
  • St. Mary’s Law Journal
  • Whittier Law Review
  • The Wonderland Times
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