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Kinsella PorcFest 2015 Videos

I just attended PorcFest 2015 and participated in a debate on anarchy, presented and IP talk, and participated in a couple of radio shows (Ernie Hancock’s Freedom Phoenix and Free Talk Live). James Cox shot a few videos as well, which are up on his channel; a few of these are also embedded below. I’ll podcast the first two later, and a higher-quality version of the IP talk should be made available by PorcFest eventually.

Stephan Kinsella v William Thomas Anarchism For And Against A Debate PorcFest 2015

Update: From Ayn Rand in the Campground: The Atlas Society at PorcFest “During a highlight of the conference — people had been anticipating it for weeks — William Thomas debated Rand’s principle of minimal government with anarchist Stephen Kinsella to a packed and lively audience. The tent was full, with standing room only, and people were still spilling out of the tent. Everyone listened with rapt attention, cheered their favorite points, and hung around for hours afterward to talk and debate ideas. (See the video, here: https://goo.gl/snjmXE)


Lecture: Intellectual Property is the Root of All Evil: Porcfest 2015


Other (mostly fun, social):

Stephan Kinsella Meets Ernie Hancock at Porcfest 2015

Stephan Kinsella Meets Adam Kokesh at Porcfest 2015


Stephan Kinsella Meets Derrick J Host Of Flaming Freedom at Porcfest 2015

Larken Rose, Stephan Kinsella and Daniel Rothschild Anarchy at The Rock (PorcFest 2015)

This is an impromptu video shot by James Cox of some discussions with Larken Rose who was sitting under his “rock” for several days.

Stephan Kinsella Chalks Porcfest 2015 K-Man Style

Porcfest 2015 Talk Stephan Kinsella, Ganine Van Alst, Daniel Rothschild, Evan Isaac, Eliza Sprague

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