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Errata for Legal Foundations of a Free Society

Below are errata for Legal Foundations of a Free Society (Houston: Papinian Press, 2023) (thanks to readers who passed many of these on, esp. Mark Maresca).

Supplementary Errata

There’s errata and there’s errata. In various printings and updates of my book I’ve tried to make corrections to obvious mistakes.

For more substantive issues where it’s not a mistake but must a reference or thought I had after the previous publication, I will list them here, and maybe incorporate them in a second edition. But they are not technically errata. Think of them as “further notes” or “if I was writing it now, I would add this comment.” Not a mistake just a wish-list.


Current epub and print versions (April. 2024, TBD)

Foreword, P. xvi (epub only): For “or the arrival of some future consequences.Instead,” read “or the arrival of some future consequences. Instead,” [insert a space after period]

P. 235: For “Why is the second transfer unconditional?” read “Why is the second transfer conditional?”

P. 560: For “what the Framers originally meant by the Amendment. 35″ read “what the Framers originally meant by the Amendment.35″ [i.e,. remove the space before note 35]

P. 644, n.39: ForFor A New Liberty : The Libertarian Manifesto,” readFor A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto,” [i.e. remove space before the colon]

P. 664, n. 41: For “Aaron Swarts in note 36” read “Aaron Swartz in note 37”

P. 676: For “Jouvenal” readJouvenel”

ch. 15, n. 22: In the reference to “Vin Armani, “The Ownable and the Unownable,” in Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality (2017; https://archive.org/details/ASpontaneousOrder0)”, delete the hyperlink


For the entry “Armani, Vin. “The Ownable and the Unownable.” In Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality, 2017,” delete the hyperlink reference to https://archive.org/details/ASpontaneousOrder0.”

Current epub (Jan. 2024) and prior print versions


P. xxxi: For “Anderson” read “Andersen”

Main Text

P. 429: For “of the attempt to defenders” read “of the attempt by defenders”

P. 477: For “effects” read “affects”

P. 685: For “time, to time” read “time to time”

P. 687 n35: For “Thought” read “Though”


P. 752: For “John Randolph Club, 8” read “John Randolph Club, 8, 649”

Current print version (Nov. 2023–)

Table of Contents

P. x: For “15. Against Intellectual Property After Twenty Years:” read “15. Against Intellectual Property After Twenty Years:”

For “16. Introduction to Origitent” read “16. Introduction to Origitent

P. 9: For “on January 1995” read “in January 1995”

P. 51 n.10: For “( Jan. 31, 2022)” read “(Jan. 31, 2022)” [omit space after parenthesis]

P. 94: For “thin skill” read “thin skull”

P. 139 n.5: For “confused about about” read “confused about”

P. 140 n.6: Delete the text “Since the original article upon which this chapter is based was published, there have been many more contributions expanding on and defending Hoppe’s argumentation ethics.”

P. 144: For “priniciple” read “principle”

P. 154: For “MC do not do attempt” read “MC do not attempt”

P. 168: For “person’s consent2 —it” read “person’s consent2—it” [delete space before em dash]

P. 198 n.60: For “the punishment is fully intentionally,” read “the punishment is fully intentional,”

P. 198 n.60: For “if a criminally” read “if a criminal”

P. 207: For “a contract is seen a relation” read “a contract is seen as a relation”

P. 229 n.45: For “upated” read “updated”

P. 230: en-dash, not hyphen, between 134–135

P. 231: en-dash, not hyphen, between 116–117 in n.48

P. 247: The paragraph after the blockquote should not be indented.

P. 263, en-dash, not hyphen, between 1–8

P. 299, n.16: For “See, e.g., ibid. p. 15.” read “See, e.g., ibid.”

P. 332: For “evinced no misgivings about the power or reason” read “evinced no misgivings about the power of reason”

P. 347: For “But so was was the Roman law.” read “But so was the Roman law.”

P. 349 n.154, For “as if there we no such” read “as if there were no such”.

P. 419 n.58 quotation marks should be curled

P. 425: For “pro-IP opponents” read “IP proponents”

P. 497 n.32: For “property Action” read “property. Action”

P. 548: For “Others grounds opposing” read “Other grounds for opposing”

P. 564 n.55: For “view that the” read “view that”

P. 571: For “As a results” read “As a result”

P. 603: For “abwove” read “above”

P. 605: For “metaphysic” read “metaphysics”

P. 631: For “personalty or immovable” read “personalty or movable”

P. 637: For “but it is , and” read “but it is helpless, and”

P. 685: For “time, to time” read “time to time”

P. 687 n35: For “Thought” read “Though”


P. 703: For “Translted” read “Translated”


P. 759: For “As right to exclude others, 654” read “As right to exclude others, 32, 654”1

First printing (Oct. 2023)

Table of Contents:

For “20. Book Review of Anthony de Jasay, Against Politics: On Government, Anarchy, and Orderread “20. Review of Anthony de Jasay, Against Politics: On Government, Anarchy, and Order

p. 23: For “Book Review of Anthony de Jasay” read “Review of Anthony de Jasay”

p. 25: For “Book Review of Anthony de Jasay” read “Review of Anthony de Jasay”

p. 226: ForBook Review of Rosalyn Higgins, Problems and Process: International Law and How We Use It (1994)” read “Book Review of Rosalyn Higgins, Problems and Process: International Law and How We Use It (1994)”

p. 278: For “Yiannopolous” read “Yiannopoulos”

p. 279: For “Yiannopolous” read “Yiannopoulos”

p. 370: For “Book Review of Anthony de Jasay” read “Review of Anthony de Jasay”


p. 770: For “Yiannopoulous” read “Yiannopoulos”

For the “Limited inaugural print run for presentation at the Property and Freedom Society Annual Meeting, Bodrum, Turkey, September 2023” only

Copyright page (p. iv): Copyright notice date range should be 1994­–2023

P. 55, n. 17: For “Informal translation from, …” read “Informal translation (by Hans-Hermann Hoppe) from, …”

P. 161: For “or the Garden of Eden” read “of the Garden of Eden”

P. 495, n. 28: For “Shorter Classics of Eugen von Böhm-BawerkreadShorter Classics of Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

P. 495, n. 28: For “Q. J. Austrian Econ.” readQ. J. Austrian Econ.”

P. 514, n. 34: “The Theory of Money and Credit” should contain full citation info (see the Bibliography)

P. 604: delete “(PES)”


P. 710:

“—. “Defamation Law and Reputation Rights as a Type of Intellectual Property.” In A Passion for Justice: Essays in Honor of Walter Block, edited by Elvira Nica and Gheorghe H. Popescu. New York: Addleton Academic Publishers, forthcoming.”

This entry appears twice. Delete one of them.


P. 756:

Change McElroy entry to:

“McElroy, Wendy

On IP, 402, 437, 446, 651, 668
Neil Schulman, debate with, 451–452, 460–461″

After Mercantilism entry, insert

“Metaphors, danger of, 263–64, 431, 685”

  1.  Note also the comments of Blackstone: “There is nothing which so generally strikes the imagination, and engages the affections of mankind, as the right of property; or that sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in total exclusion of the right of any other individual in the universe.” 2 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (Oxford Edition, Wilfrid Prest, General Editor, 2016 [1765]), bk II, chap. 1, at p. 2. []

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