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And speaking of drug-experimentation… check out the posts on this thread by Tetrahedron Omega (aka Count Lithium von Chloride, aka James Redford) on his various drug trips and how they allegedly generates various so-called Levels of so-called God-Trips and all kinds of so-called direct revelation. I think he actually believes this stuff.

In a recent article by him that was called to my attention, Jesus is an Anarchist, I noticed this sign off, which led me to wonder about this Omega Point and Direct Revelation:

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in the Leander, Texas hill country, the native-born Augustinian James Redford is a young born again Christian who was converted from atheism by a direct revelation from Jesus Christ. He is a scientific rationalist who considers that the Omega Point (i.e., the physicists’

technical term for God) is an unavoidable result of the known laws of physics. His personal website can be found here: http://geocities.com/vonchloride

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