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KOL372 | Discussing Contract Theory, Restitution, Punishment, with Matthew Sands of Nations of Sanity


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 372.

Matthew Sands of the Nation of Sanity project (http://www.nationsofsanity.com/), which aims to promote the Non-Aggression Principle as a universal peace agreement, and I discussed various matters of libertarian legal theory, including the Rothbard-Evers title-transfer theory of contract versus contract as “binding promises” and the problem with the idea of “breach of contract”; and related matters such as burdens and standards of proof; civil vs. criminal law and the unity of the law; punishment, restitution and ostracism, and the like.

(See previous episode with Matthew, KOL362 | California Gold #6, with Matt Sands: Defining Libertarianism, Anarchism and Voluntaryism.)


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