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Yet more on “New Israel”

As noted in recent blog posts, I proposed, in an October 2001 article, New Israel: A Win-Win-Win Proposal, relocating Israel to U.S. public lands such as Utah or the Anwar area of Alaska.

[Update: the image is missing from the original article; it is here: ]

I’ve seen similar proposals since then, including Ken Layne’s FoxNews.com piece How ‘Bout Relocating Israel to Mexico?; “Fight World War IV” – Or Let Israelis Immigrate?, by Paul Craig Roberts, VDARE; and Israel’s end-times gamble, by Gary DeMar, WorldNetDaily.com.

And now, in the April 2, 2003 issue of ReasonOnline, Brian Doherty has published the article New Exodus: Let Jews leave Europe for America. While the above commentators urge Israelis to immigrate here, Doherty makes the complementary argument that, due to “the resurgence of European anti-Semitism,” America should open our doors to any “any European Jew who fears anti-Semitic persecution”. According to Doherty, this would “pok[e] a sharp stick in the eyes of European critics of the United States,” and would further benefit us: “a cohort of highly educated European Jews would certainly be a plus for our society and our economy.”

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