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Proto-Carsonian Five-Year-Old

I was talking with my 5 year old on the way to school this morning about us driving to the airport tomorrow to pick up a friend. My son mused that it would be cool if we could fly to the airport to pick up our friend, instead of driving; and then he started jabbering about how we sometimes fly (from Houston) to Baton Rouge, and sometimes drive, when we go there to visit family. Then he blurted out, a sort of puzzled-epiphany look on his face, “But!–for some weird reason, you have to pay to fly on an airplane, but driving on the roads is free!”

Update: I’m also reminded that a few weeks ago when my son and I were skyping with a libertarian friend in some South American country, when my friend asked my son what he thought about the government, my son replied, “The government should be arrested.”

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