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Robert Ringer, Former Libertarian

See below about Ringer’s defection from the fold–because of 9/11, the need to use the state to beat up bad ay-rabs, etc., I guess. (See also this post on Reason’s Hit and Run about Ringer’s defection, where Jesse Walker notes “I’ve always been a little embarrassed that Robert ‘Winning Through Intimidation’ Ringer considers himself a libertarian, so it is with a light heart and a bounce in my step that I report that he has left the fold. Liberty, he writes, is ‘the noblest of all objectives,’ but it ‘often collides with the dominant aspect of secular life: reality.'”)

I wonder if he’s still pro-war? Jesus. Maybe so — here he seems to yearn for the halcyon days when the Western white countries could invade and occupy the benighted swarthy countries and give them the benefits of our wonderful western institutions — but, unfortunately, we are too broke to afford to do this now (gee, I wonder why?).

Update: See also Jesse Walker, Hip-Hopping Hordes Send Tortoise Packing and Creative Common Law Project, R.I.P. and Waystation Libertarians



Bomb bomp bomp, Another One Bites the Dust-a: Robert Ringer on The Survival of Western Civilization

Posted by Stephan Kinsella on September 8, 2006 03:05 PM

The Survival of Western Civilization.

The past 25 years have been an intellectual tug of war for me. Morally, my soul is still attached to the notion that the keystone of libertarianism—liberty—must be given a higher priority than all other objectives. The problem, however, is that this noblest of all objectives often collides with the dominant aspect of secular life: reality.

Uh oh. Guess where this is going. This remark might give you a clue: “Clearly, freedom haters throughout the world fully understand that America’s greatest strength—democracy—is also its Achilles heel.”

What will we do after having lost our very own libertarian Zig Ziglar?! Oh no!

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